We are excited to work with you throughout your journey into the Metaverse. Write to us to learn more about our corporate cohort programs and courses.

Ian Jung

Ian Jung is the founder of Metafyi and your primary contact throughout your journey into the Metaverse. A former software engineer and expert in digital marketing, Mr. Jung will provide instruction and coaching to ensure your success in this new digital frontier. When Mr. Jung attended college, he enrolled in Temple University’s Information Science and Technology program while also interning at TAF JK Group’s digital marketing company. When Mr. Jung graduated college, he had an extensive amount of knowledge in both IT and digital marketing trends such as SEO and UX/UI. Mr. Jung's experience over the years resulted in him choosing a career as a software engineer in the finance industry building tools for financial audit and regulation. He is open to all questions that you may have and happy to support you through your journey!

  • Temple University Information Science and Technology graduate.
  • Experience as a financial software engineer.
  • Experience as a digital marketing professional skilled in web development, SEO, SMO, and PPC.

P: +61 (0) 383 766 284
M: noreply@envato.com

Joshua Kim

Joshua Kim is the co-founder of Metafyi and the founder of TAF JK Group, a well praised digital marketing agency in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Mr. Kim is an experienced business professional and digital marketing expert, specializing in SEO, SMO, email marketing, influencer marketing, and web development and design. One of Mr. Kim's greatest attributes is his patience to teach and mentor those around him. Besides being a part time adjunct professor at West Chester University, Mr. Kim also has extensive experience developing college interns into seasoned professionals within the digital marketing industry. He also has a gift for introducing clients with little to no knowledge of digital marketing to professional websites and online presences. Needless to say, Mr. Kim will be a great mentor and will provide appropriate services to ensure your success in this new digital frontier that we call the Metaverse!

  • Adjunct Professor at West Chester University.
  • Experience mentoring college interns into seasoned digital marketing professionals.
  • Extensive experience introducing clients with no knowledge in digital marketing to professional websites and social media presence.
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing, including: web development and design, SEO, SMO, email marketing, and influencer marketing.

P: +61 (0) 383 766 284
M: noreply@envato.com